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Top Best Restaurant in Malacca

1. Pak Putra Tandoori & Naan

Address: Jalan Laksamana 4, 75200 Melaka.

Opens: 5:30pm to 1:00am

"one word, tandoori! this place makes some really great tandoori, lovely fluffy nan breads smothered in garlic or onion if you ask, really busy but they will try and find you a table. you have to not mind eating outside on plastic picnic chairs, it's worth it"

2. Kedai Kopi Chung Wah

Address: 18, Jalan Hang Jebat, 75200 Melaka.

Opens: 7:30am to 3:00pm

"Chicken rice balls are every where in Melaka, but I believe this restaurant is one of the best in Melaka. There always a long queue outside the restaurant, and finish up fast every day at round 3pm or 4pm. The chicken meat is very tender and juicy, the rice is shaped into cute little balls which would be fun to eat for kids. What is best is when you eat them all with the chili sauce....yummy! "

3. Klebang Original Coconut Shake

Address: Klebang 5, Melaka

Opens: 12.30pm-6.30pm daily (Friday: 2pm-6.30pm)

located next to the Caltex Petrol Station along the main road of Klebang. You will not miss it if you take note on the petrol station. Its selling of halal food such as Karipap, Mee Goreng, Mee Hoon Goreng, and of course the most famous coconut shake which made from mixture of vanila ice-cream and coconut milk. It is tasty especially in the hot weather of Malacca city.

4. Capitol Satay Celup

operated by Low Yong Cheng's family. LOW YONG CHENG'S family has been in the satay celup business since the mid-1950s. His grandfather used a kandar stick to carry his wares in two baskets which are one for the fresh food, the other for the stove and sauce. Over 80 types of seafood and vegetables are served here. The fresh food is kept very fresh via huge refrigerators at the back and open fridges with shelves at the dining hall.

5. Portugese Settlement

Address: Perkampungan Portugis, Melaka

is famous for seafood. If you like seafood, come here. it is also a really happening place during Christmas

6. Umbai Grill Fish

Address: No 1, Ikan Bakar Terapung Umbai, 77300 Merlimau, Melaka

At umbai MUST come to Parameswara restaurant for seafood. They have ranges of seafood at your own cooking style or choices.

7. Bibik House Chendol

Address: 129, Jalan Hang Jebat, 75200 Melaka.

It's literally the best chendol I've tasted in Melaka! Love how we can add gula melaka ourselves and simply love the taste of it! Perfect desert!

8. Nancy's Kitchen

Address: 7, Jalan Hang Lekir, 75200 Melaka.

"we tried Ayam Buah Keluak (GREAT!) , Assam fish (not bad), and Telur cincaluk (not bad) ...their kuihs are great too. Cendol is refreshing and fragrant :)"

9. Jonker 88

Address: 88, Jalan Hang Jebat, 75200 Melaka.

This is a must visit restaurant near Jonker street where you can try baba and nyonya laksa and the most famous durian cendol.

This restaurant is always crowded. We used to queue by the road but now The food stall has been moved into the shops. Due to the super extreme hot weather, the cendol will melt very fast. You have to really drink it just after it been served.

10. Medan Makan Boon Leong

Most famous fried oyster in Melaka. "must order"

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